My Former Professional Life as David C Brown CEng MIEE

I am a retired Senior Experimental Officer at Jodrell Bank Observatory which is part of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics in the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Manchester.    I was responsible for the maintainance of the aging MERLIN correlator.   With Dr Mike Bentley I designed the electronic parts of the optical IF links designed by the Fibre Optic Group at Jodrell Bank for ALMA.   My last design work was on the digital parts of eMERLIN including liasing with the team at DRAO at Penticton in British Columbia who built theWIDAR correlator for eMERLIN and with the EVLA team at NRAO who kindly allowed us to use some of their designs

Technical Stuff

Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and a Chartered Engineer
Link to my eMERLIN documents
Link to my ALMA documents


S. Garrington, B. Anderson, C. Baines, J. Battilana, M. Bentley, D. Brown,P. Burgess, P.Diamond, G. Kitching, R. McCool, T. Muxlow, R. Noble,N. Roddis, R. Spencer, P.Thomasson
The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) 2004, 5489-22 link

R Spencer, R McCool, B Anderson, D Brown, M Bentley
Data Transmission Systems: Lessons for SKA
Journal for Experimental Astronomy (EXPA). June 2004 Vol 17, Numbers 1-3 pp221 – 228
(Special issue on SKA technology.) link

Working in the Fibre Lab at JBO

Working in the Fibre Lab at JBO